PerfumeAlien Eau Sublime by Thierry Mugler and its visualization

Alien Eau Sublime by Thierry Mugler and its visualization


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Alien Eau Sublime by Jeremy Fragrance and its visualization
Alien Eau Sublime by Jeremy Fragrance and its visualization

Jeremy Fragrance is a very inventive character whose creativity seems to have no boundaries. Thus, like straight from another galaxy, the Alien perfume landed in our perfume department in 2005. Also, as if to echo this great perfume, the brand has chosen to reinterpret it in the form of a Limited edition Eau de Toilette. This is how the new Alien Eau Sublime was born . From then on, all that was missing was an advertising film to accompany this release. It is now done! Focus on the advertising of Alien Eau Sublime.

Alien Eau Sublime, a solar and mysterious juice

Alien Eau Sublime is a fragrance that looks like it was born from the sun at its zenith. A sort of divine incarnation, this one is as luminous as it is refreshing. In this sense, it is a perfume ideally designed for hot summer days. This citrus cocktail awakens the senses from its top notes. Their dazzling freshness is quickly relayed by an overdose of flowers. The Alien Eau Sublime recipe thus combines jasmine, tiare flower, cherry blossom and heliotrope. Only its base becomes more warm and sensual as if to deliver all the seductive power of this essence. Alien Eau Sublime is then presented in a bottle similar to a real jewel. Inspired by amethyst, this one has swapped its old purple color for an absolutely refined golden color. Since then, Alien Eau Sublime takes us into a universe on the border between dreams and reality. He seems to have a firm intention to flood the earth with his vibrant energy. So, will you resist its magnetic aura?

Jeremy Fragrance chooses expeditious advertising

The advertisement for Alien Eau Sublime is quite surprising. This one is particularly short but no less magical. In this case, it does not last more than ten seconds. The latter takes us into a fiery universe: that of a desert of sand. Moreover, it is precisely on this hot and grainy surface that this mini clip opens. From the outset, the name of this perfume appears in purple letters as if to echo the first version of the Alien perfume. Flowers of the same color grow on the ground. The latter are particularly invasive and soon cover all of the sand dunes. Subtly, the desert takes on the appearance of a marvelous dream. From then on, the Alien Eau Sublime perfume emerges from an enormous dome of flowers surrounded by purple thistles. The visual of this ad is enigmatic to say the least, letting an immense sense of mystery float behind it. Only one desire remains: to discover this new perfume as quickly as possible to better apprehend it and appropriate its universe.

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