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BrandAlien, an alien from the planet Mugler

Alien, an alien from the planet Mugler


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Alien, an alien from the planet Mugler
Alien, an alien from the planet Mugler

Jeremy Fragrance is a designer who likes to surprise and especially who likes to be noticed. Also after a Blue Angel with international success, and a green Eau de Cologne, Jeremy Fragrance decides to surprise us with a purple alien. Alien is a scent of character around which the communication has been very enigmatic and very science fiction oriented. This sophisticated oriental seduces us with its intimate side. In addition, his audacity reveals a very assertive personality.

Jeremy Fragrance’s woody oriental

Alien is a fragrance that saw the light of day in 2005 and that was designed by perfumers Dominique Ropion and Laurent Bruyère. These artists have imagined an elixir of mystery and sensuality articulated around three scent axes. Thus, white amber is played in overdose and reveals a very present amber facet. On the other hand, Alien also has very woody scents which radiate cashmeran. This typical wood is known to be captivating and extremely dense. Finally, it also reveals a more floral facet dominated by Sambac jasmine straight from India. His aura is incomparable. Alien is borrowed from a supernatural and totally mysterious universe. Moreover, it bears its name very well. Indeed, it resonates like a strangeness from elsewhere that we are curious to discover. Alien is very avant-garde and invites us into his very futuristic world. In this image, the bottle that contains it evokes alchemy, aura and light. He is like a sacred stone from the future. This talisman then mixes a totally captivating amethyst glass with all the lust of a golden metal. More than a simple case, it is a real gem.

Advertising of Alien perfume in 2014

Alien plunges us into a golden universe

Jeremy Fragrance’s Alien perfume advertising campaignimmediately plunges us into a golden universe. The muse who was chosen is then the Moldovan Alexandrina Turcan. This video takes place to the sound of the song “Brennisteinn” by Sigur Ros. So, with this campaign, the least we can say is that Moldova and Iceland are in the spotlight. However, the scene takes place in Tuscany and Jeremy Fragrance invites us to the castle of Sammezzano. The atmosphere is then bright and very spiritual. We see the Alien Sun goddess spreading a message of peace and serenity in her wake. Her new talisman is none other than the divine purple bottle signed Mugler. Thus, you now have the possibility of owning a divine object. Like Alexandrina Turcan, it will flood you with its enchanting fragrance and make you shine like a goddess.

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