PerfumeAlaïa perfume extract

Alaïa perfume extract


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Alaïa perfume extract
Alaïa perfume extract

Alaïa Extract de Parfum from Azédine Alaïa, from haute couture to perfumery, there is only one step

When Azédine Alaïa talks about her perfume , it could not be more poetic: “My perfume accompanies time, it has the insolence of an eternal present. Perfume of day and night, all at the same time, my perfume is the complex architecture of my most paradoxical sensations offered to me by the most beautiful encounters of my life. As you will have understood, when he creates a fragrance, he does not design it according to fashions and trends but rather according to his emotions. Thus, Alaïa Extrait de Parfum is like a digest of the creator’s story, a revisit of his first fragrance pushed to its limits.

The transition from haute couture to Azédine Alaïa’s perfumery

Azédine Alaïa is a Tunisian designer who came to settle in France in the 1950s. By doing odd jobs, he learned the techniques of clothing and gradually developed a private clientele. It wasn’t until much later, in the 1980s, that he opened his own fashion house. If at first it was only ready to wear, the brand has evolved into haute couture until it gained worldwide fame.

Azédine Alaïa is particularly known and adored for her sexy leather dresses. This brand has temperament and designs according to its own aspirations and not in relation to what is expected of it. Thus, it is one of those which seduce by surprising. Also, by dint of sublimating women, Azédine Alaïa ended up succumbing to the temptation to push her creations to the point of making them a fragrance. This is how Eau de Parfum Alaïa was born in 2015 , after more than two years of work by perfumer Marie Salamagne, in close collaboration with the house of Alaïa. Also, in this month of November 2015, the brand goes even further and pushes the sensuality of its fragrance to its climax by offering us its Extract of Perfume from the same range.

Alaïa, an essence that smells of Tunisia

This Perfume Extractis so mistakenly reminiscent of the Alaïa Eau de Parfum which appeared a few months earlier. Indeed, the story of the creator is found in this fragrance. Its smell is reminiscent of the ice water that we usually throw on the red brick walls in Tunis to refresh them. In addition, this fragrance opens with a note of frozen vodka. However, although this choice is daring, it has the merit of bringing great freshness to this Extract of Perfume, in addition to evoking one of Azédine Alaïa’s favorite drinks. The heart of this juice is on the other hand more floral and presents a bouquet of flowers associating jasmine and iris. Then, the background is particularly marked. The designer’s favorite material then makes its appearance. Leather, associated with vanilla, affirms all the character of the fragrance and enhances all its sensuality.

Everything is presented in a black bottle of great elegance. Borrowed from the same universe as its predecessor, it is however adorned with a crystal stopper as if to further enhance its prestige.

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