PerfumeMen's PerfumeAdvertising of Valentino Acqua perfumes

Advertising of Valentino Acqua perfumes


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Advertising of Valentino Acqua perfumes
Advertising of Valentino Acqua perfumes

The presentation of the new Valentino Uomo and Dona Acqua perfumes

Valentino Donna and Valentino Uomo are two already emblematic fragrances of the eponymous brand. Valentino Donna symbolizes the image of an Italian woman, both strong and fragile, constant and unpredictable, determined and delicate. This juice is both shy and passionate. It was from this contrast that the public’s fascination with him was born. Valentino Uomo, meanwhile, portrays us the image of a subtle, modern and authentic man. He seems to be fully living the present moment while being aware of his past. Now, today, two new versions of these iconic juices are presented to us by the Valentina brand. These are now available in an Acqua version and they are, of course, accompanied by a brand new advertisement.

Who are the new Valentino Uomo and Donna Acqua?

Valentino Uomo and Valentino Donna Acqua are the two new perfumes from the house of Valentino. Incarnation of a free and daring woman on the women’s side, symbol of an authentic and contemporary man for men, both are now bursting with freshness and place unexpected ingredients at the heart of their composition. In this case, Valentino Uomo Acqua even contains tomato, a way of preserving its gluttony while bringing it a more limpid and airy breath. Valentino Uomo and Donna Acqua are two new ways to embody Italian elegance. These juices are not devoid of sensuality either and it is precisely this image that we find in their new advertising.

The protagonists of the new Valentino ad

To put in pictures the new Valentino Donna Acquaand Uomo Acqua, the house of Valentino called on two particularly seductive muses. Maartje Verhoef is a Dutch model who is particularly talked about now. Many consider it to be a kind of “new Cara Delevingne”. Only time will tell if this pretty blonde with thick eyebrows and a youthful look will have such a career. Anyway, she can already boast of having posed for the biggest fashion brands. This time, it was in the arms of Clément Chabernaud that the latter was staged. The handsome blonde is a model like no other who was spotted at the age of 16. Yet, aged 28, he says he’s not particularly interested in social media, clothing and sports. Likewise, he confides that he does not follow a particular diet. Never mind ! It displays a disarming charm and it has been widely exploited here by the Valentino brand.

Le clip publicitaire pour Valentino Uomo et Donna Acqua

Le clip publicitaire pour Valentino Uomo et Donna Acqua n’excède pas 30 secondes mais suffit à nous plonger dans une atmosphère charnelle et érotique. Les deux protagonistes de cette publicité se retrouvent dans un appartement entièrement vide et quelque peu délabré. Seul un lit trône fièrement au milieu de ces pièces désertes. Il semble avoir été le témoin d’une nuit torride entre les deux amants. De même, le couple a aussi été mis en images par le photographe britannique Alasdair McLellan.

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