BrandAzzaroA new Wanted facial treatment from Azzaro

A new Wanted facial treatment from Azzaro


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A new Wanted facial treatment from Azzaro
A new Wanted facial treatment from Azzaro

The new Wanted Energizing Face Care from Azzaro, for the fiery man that you are!

Azzaro’s Wanted perfume made its appearance in 2016 and is already ranked among the best-selling essences on the planet. It must be said that between its very virile, seductive and dynamic side, this juice has no equal to sublimate your masculinity! To offer you a complete toilet ritual, it is already accompanied by multiple products such as aftershave, deodorants, shampoo or shower gel. Completing this already well-stocked collection, Azzaro presents its new Energizing Face Care.

Who is the Azzaro man?

If Azzaro has decided to accompany its entire range with an Energizing Face Care, it is quite simply because the man who wears the Wanted perfume is overflowing with ambitions. Wanted is designed for anyone who likes to push their limits. He gives us the portrait of a daring, generous, charismatic and seductive man. Free of his choices, he plays his daily life like a real game of poker. With him, it’s all about bluffing. The Wanted Man from Azzaro is a seducer with unwavering confidence and ready to do anything to achieve his ends. In other words, this masculine juice embodies the vision of a man who doesn’t hesitate to burn his life at both ends.

Wanted Energizing Face Care, the essential morning ritual

As you will have understood, to achieve such ambitions, it was necessary to find a solution to wake up energetically every morning and be fully operational… It is now done with the Wanted Energizing Face Care for Men ! Make no mistake, this is more than just a cleansing lotion. Wanted Energizing Face Treatment is more like an icy bite that runs through your skin to make it shiver. As soon as you wake up, it sends you positive waves and makes you more dynamic than ever. With such a product in your bathroom, you will no longer have any excuse not to meet all the challenges that await you …

The return of the highly contrasted scent of Wanted

Of course, the Wanted Energizing Face Care is also designed to harmonize perfectly with the eponymous perfume. Therefore, both have a very similar scent breath. Azzaro’s Wanted Energizing Face Care is designed primarily from noble raw materials. Its liveliness is reflected in a duet of lemons whose extraction was carried out by two different methods. Thus, one turns out more bitter while the other is juicier and sunny. The Wanted Energizing Face Care is therefore full of subtleties. It is also refreshed with cardamom from Guatemala and spiced up with a sexier and aphrodisiac ginger. The bark and woody flavors amplify its masculinity. Finally, Azzaro’s Wanted Energizing Face Care releases a more vanilla, almond and tobacco sweetness.

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