Beauty CareA new Serum completes the Sisleya range

A new Serum completes the Sisleya range


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A new Serum completes the Sisleya range
A new Serum completes the Sisleya range

Sisleya The Complete Anti-Aging Serum from Sisley, the secret to skin dazzling with life

Sisley House has acquired, over the course of its history, an exceptional knowledge of nature. Each plant extract contains, in fact, active ingredients that have a direct impact on our body. The association of several plants together allows to obtain exceptional treatments called Sisleya , endowed with many virtues on our skin. During her development, Sisley put in place colossal research into taming nature in order to beautify your skin. To protect your skin surface from the ravages of time, Sisley has designed Sisleya Integral Anti-Aging Serum.

The many natural active ingredients contained in Sisleya Serum

Sisleya Complete Anti-Aging Serum from Sisley contains a multitude of different plants which, when combined together, make it an exceptional anti-wrinkle product. First of all, oregano extract works on the elastin in your skin. Constantinople mimosa extract, on the other hand, stimulates the cellular energy of your skin surface. A protein complex of Soy and Yeast acts on the longevity of your cells while white willow leaves protect them continuously.

Lindera extract plays on the cellular rhythm. Tigernut extract gives your skin more springs and stimulates its tone, as well as rosehip extract which acts against free radicals and tones your skin. All these ingredients, combined together, form here one of the most powerful anti-aging treatments on the market.

Sisleya Anti-Aging Serum, a concentrate of firmness and tone

Sisleya Complete Anti-Aging Serum from Sisley fights against the natural effects of aging. In addition, over the years, the face loses its relief and firmness. Your cheekbones become less plump and the contours of your skin appear more blurred. Sisleya Complete Anti-Aging Serum from Sisley awakens the firmness of your skin and stimulates its production of elastin. This immediately makes your face appear more alert and firmer.

Your skin is more toned and time seems to slip on it without ever leaving a mark. What’s more, Sisleya Integral Anti-Aging Serum also acts in depth, at all levels of your skin. Like a true architect, he reactivates the forces of tension in your face. As a result, your skin curves and looks younger

The Serum Sisleya Sisley Integral Anti-Aging apply every morning and evening on clean, dry skin. Instantly after its application, the face appears tightened, covered and lifted. What’s more, after two months of use, these effects only intensify. The firming effectiveness of Sisleya Integral Anti-Aging Serum is simply spectacular! So, what are you waiting for to regain all the sparkle of your 20 years?

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