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PerfumeA new Intense version of Davidoff's Cool Water For...

A new Intense version of Davidoff’s Cool Water For Her fragrance


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A new Intense version of Davidoff's Cool Water For Her fragrance
A new Intense version of Davidoff’s Cool Water For Her fragrance

Cool Water For Her by Davidoff, back in an Intense version!

In 1988, the Davidoff house revolutionized the history of men’s perfumery by bringing more freshness to it. Inspired by the ocean, she gave birth to a fragrance called Cool Water . The success was immediate, but it was then almost a decade before he saw his female counterpart appear. This was done in 1987. It was on this date that Davidoff made Cool Water For Her, a juice also inspired by water. Already revisited in many flavors, and in particular in many summer editions since 2004, Cool Water For Her returns to the front of the stage and becomes Cool Water Intense For Her.

Cool Water Intense For Her, the essence of a fresh sensuality

Cool Water Intense For Her is a fragrance inspired by water, a fundamental and central element in the entire Cool Water collection by Davidoff. Main source of life, here it gives this juice an indomitable ardor, similar to that of a wave breaking on the earth. Cool Water Intense For Her is the scent of constantly moving water, both pure and fresh but also very sensual. Cool Water Intense For Her is for all women who are happy to live, independent and free. Very inspired by a generous nature, Cool Water Intense For Her invites sharing and appeasement.

Exoticism invites itself in Cool Water Intense For Her

Cool Water Intense For Her has been redesigned here by two talented perfumers, namely Amandine Clerc-Marie and Christophe Raynaud. Both have chosen here to start their composition with a very fresh note, gradually warming up over the hours. Like its male counterpart, Cool Water Intense For Her begins with the presence of a green mandarin. Its tangy and zesty scent gives way to more exoticism, through the presence of Mangosteen and flowers. Cool Water Intense For Her immediately takes us to a heavenly beach on the other side of the world. Its base then becomes warmer, round and tenacious, letting itself be dominated by woody notes.

Evangeline Lilly, still the muse of Davidoff

Once again, on screen, Cool Water Intense For Her is embodied by Evangeline Lilly, inseparable muse of Davidoff and lends her image to the Cool Water For Her collection since 2005. Adventurous and courageous, she sticks more than ever to the image of this perfume. It perfectly embodies the core values ​​of Cool Water Intense For Her such as confidence and assertiveness. “For me, the Cool Water woman is the most accomplished representation of beauty, a harmonious blend of purity and sensuality. This woman gives off an underlying strength that evokes sensuality as opposed to just being sexy, ”says Evangeline Lilly. In addition, her dark beauty leaves absolutely no one indifferent and her face blends wonderfully with that of Scott Eastwood, the face of Cool Water Intense for men.

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