Beauty CareA new Imperial Orchid Cream

A new Imperial Orchid Cream


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A new Imperial Orchid Cream
A new Imperial Orchid Cream

Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Cream, the promise of eternal youth

A real tidal wave, luxury face creams continue to invade the cosmetics market. Despite their high price, they sell like hot cakes or almost. As such, Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Cream is part of this segment and is one of the best-selling products in the world. According to the brand, during the first 15 days of launching this product, it was sold in jars every 15 minutes! But then, what does its little blue bottle contain so that so many women are snapping up this product?

The ingredients contained in the Imperial Orchid Cream

The Imperial Orchid Cream is the result of several years of research devoted to the orchid. Indeed, this rare and precious flower has an exceptional longevity. Today it is considered to be the most developed species in the entire plant kingdom. To analyze the extraordinary potential of this flower, Guerlain has set up a research center specially dedicated to it: the Orchidarium.

This made it possible to highlight the unique properties of the orchid and apply them to the longevity of the skin. In addition, the Imperial Orchid Cream contains a duo of orchids, the Gastroadia Elata variety of which is traditionally used in Chinese medicine. At the same time, Guerlain has also added a precious diamond powder to its composition. This rare material captures the light to diffuse it. Its faceted appearance deploys its sparkle and gives your skin an instant and incomparable glow.

What is more, note that the Imperial Orchid Cream is enriched with a floral scent reminiscent of orchid flower. It is also associated with feminine accents of rose as well as the purity of white musks and the nobility of cedar wood.

The proven effectiveness of Guerlain skincare

Orchidée Impériale Cream effectively erases all visible signs of aging. This reduces fine lines and wrinkles and restores firmness to the skin. Your face will then appear more elastic, denser, more radiant and more homogeneous. In addition, the Imperial Orchid Cream works on cell respiration and fights in particular against hypoxia, that is to say the lack of oxygen.

Indeed, this phenomenon naturally increases with age and Guerlain goes ahead of it as if to give your skin a second youth. Dermatological tests have made it possible to establish convincing results. The Imperial Orchid Cream helps to gain 44% hydration of the skin, 15% firmness and 18% luminosity immediately after application. Likewise, it reduces wrinkles by 23%. 100% of women who have tested this product say they are amply satisfied with its effectiveness. So, how about regaining your inner balance and displaying a face in perfect harmony with yourself? Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Cream is waiting for you!

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