BrandLancômeA La Vie est Belle deodorant

A La Vie est Belle deodorant


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A La Vie est Belle deodorant
A La Vie est Belle deodorant

La Vie Est Belle, star of the Lancôme house, in a Deodorant

La Vie Est Belle is a floral, seductive and gourmet perfume that saw the light of day in 2012. This one soon capsized the hearts of women all over the planet and is today considered to be the favorite perfume of Lancome. In addition, the French made La Vie Est Belle their favorite perfume of 2014, the latter having literally pulverized its competitors, even managing to achieve the feat of dethroning J’Adore de Dior as the best-selling perfume in the country. In addition, that year, La Vie Est Belle alone achieved a 5.3% market share! Also, in order to delight fans of the brand, Lancôme has developed a whole series of derivative products based on the scent of La Vie Est Belle. This is how the Deodorant Perfumed Mist appeared .

The iconic scent of Lancôme

It is to three great perfumers that we owe the creation of La Vie Est Belle de Lancôme. This exceptional fragrance is signed by Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo. It is a composition based on very feminine notes. In this case, its heart blends the opulent richness of sambac jasmine with the sunshine of orange blossom from Tunisia. Likewise, a play of shadow and light takes place between the rare nobility of the Pallida iris and the base of La Vie Est Belle, which contains patchouli from Indonesia. Pear and blackcurrant, on the other hand, bring more exuberance to this fragrance, making it fruity and juicy. Finally, the smile of women appears as soon as the gourmet notes of La Vie Est Belle appear. In this case, we are talking about praline, vanilla and tonka bean. The whole thing reveals to us a very childish innocence and it is a real pleasure to be enveloped in this scented breath as spontaneous as it is alluring. La Vie Est Belle embodies much more than a scent. It is neither a promise nor an invitation. It is a conviction and a way of seeing the world around us in the most beautiful way possible.

The refreshing effect of La Vie Est Belle Deodorant Mist

In order to make the scent of this perfume last, do not hesitate to purchase La Vie Est Belle Deodorant Mist. It embodies Lancôme‘s philosophy while enveloping it in a light and airy veil. This deodorant combines the scent of this exceptional fragrance with refreshing properties as well as a treatment. Thanks to it, your skin is softened day by day. This deodorant prevents you from feeling tight and prolongs your morning freshness throughout the day. Of course, this contains the unique olfactory signature of the La Vie Est Belle perfume. It has been dermatologically tested and suitable for daily use. What’s more, it adapts perfectly to all skin types. Thanks to it, you will now be ready to face all the challenges of everyday life with optimism. This deodorant contains much more than a smell. It is the embodiment of a philosophy of life and happiness and a universal statement to the beauty of life.

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