PerfumeA colorful novelty with Narciso Rodriguez Rouge

A colorful novelty with Narciso Rodriguez Rouge


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A colorful novelty with Narciso Rodriguez Rouge
A colorful novelty with Narciso Rodriguez Rouge

Narciso Rodriguez sees life in red. Focus on his new Eau de Toilette!

Narciso Rodriguez is an extraordinary creator who possesses disarming sensuality and poetry. It has now been several decades that he has devoted his talent to female beauty. He sublimates their sensuality, whether through his sublime dresses or through his perfumes. It is moreover precisely to highlight the natural feminine beauty that the Narciso fragrance was designed in 2014. Having become an icon of the brand, this perfume has already been reinterpreted several times. Once again, he offers himself a new fragrant variation. Focus on Narciso Rouge Eau de Toilette , the most airy and springtime fragrance of the entire range.

The new light and crystalline scent of Narciso Rouge Eau de Toilette

Narciso Rouge Eau de Toilette is a composition which preserves the DNA of its predecessors, while enriching itself with a lighter breath. Its signature is immediately identifiable, and Narciso Rouge Eau de Toilette once again revolves around musk, Narciso Rodriguez’s flagship ingredient . Always seductive and with an animal touch, this time it adapts to other more floral and limpid ingredients: it is enveloped in an accord of rose and lily of the valley. The romanticism reaches its climax here, while the cedar comes to frame all of its woody force. The tonka bean also sublimates its base of a more almond and generous roundness. Everything is both seductive and flamboyant, without becoming heady, a must for hot summer days!

Narciso Rouge Eau de Toilette, an essence inspired by its predecessors

In reality, this perfume seems to have within it the different facets of the other essences that have succeeded it. Like the first Narciso, it preserves a creamy and milky scent. Like Narciso Rouge, it also evokes the sensuality and natural charisma of women. It is an ode to beauty. It also has a somewhat powdery and very elegant appearance, specific to its 2016 version. However, its scent remains unique. Narciso Rouge Eau de Toilette offers women a new and unique sensory experience.

The return of Narciso Rodriguez’s iconic bottle

The shape of the Narciso Rodriguez bottle, meanwhile, remains completely unchanged. It must be said that this clean visual is actually the result of a lot of research. It has a lacquered color set in thick glass walls. The technique is a real feat of glassmaking. The cube, meanwhile, had been chosen to embody a perfect volume, in accordance with the modern and refined style of the designer. Narciso Rouge Eau de Toilette is presented this time in a vermilion bottle, very similar to that of the previous Narciso Rouge. However, some details have been changed. Its cap is now perfectly transparent, a symbol of the purity of this new fragrance. His name, Narciso, is also inscribed in white writing, against a more pronounced black in the past.

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