PerfumeMen's Perfume1881 Essentiel, the new Cerruti men's fragrance

1881 Essentiel, the new Cerruti men’s fragrance


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1881 Essentiel, the new Cerruti men's fragrance
1881 Essentiel, the new Cerruti men’s fragrance

Cerruti 1881 Essentiel, new for spring 2018

Cerruti is a brand that was registered in France in 1967. However, its name with a very Italian connotation is not there by chance. Nino Cerruti opened his very first wool weaving and spinning factory in 1881, in Biella, in the heart of Italian Piedmont. If this small family business has become a real luxury empire, it is precisely to pay tribute to its founder that Cerruti decided to name one of its 1881 juices. Today, this essence has been reinterpreted on many occasions. In this year 2018, it gives us yet another page in its history and is now available in the form of Cerruti 1881 Essentiel.

The resolutely Italian character of Cerruti 1881

Since its creation in 1990, we have not counted the number of olfactory reinterpretations of the perfume Cerruti 1881. However, all of its fragrant variations have in common the image of a deeply Italian landscape. Through this collection of juices, the Cerruti brand wanted to convey to us a little of the “raw freshness of the water that springs from the rock”. Indeed, it is precisely this nature that surrounded the brand’s very first factory. Cerruti 1881 Essentiel is like a walk in the shade of pines and cypresses on a beautiful sunny day, not far from the Mediterranean. It is a deeply Italian creation, which seems to have captured the brilliance and refinement of the brand while combining it with a new freshness, both vibrant and sophisticated. Cerruti 1881 Essentiel is a real escape in Tuscany.

The return of the iconic Cerruti bottle for 1881 Essentiel

Cerruti 1881 Essential
Cerruti 1881 Essential

Cerruti 1881 Essentiel does have a unique bottle. However, this new container is very much inspired by its predecessors. It takes the form of a gray transparent glass cube, resting on a stable base, a sign of all the power and determination of the Italian man. Its metallic color is further enhanced by the presence of a silver cabochon. Cut in bevels, its angles reflect the light, which promises us a scent of intense freshness. The bottle of Cerruti 1881 Essentiel is an exaltation of purity, both timeless as stone and crystal clear as water.

Cerruti 1881 Essentiel, a real burst of sun-drenched freshness

Cerruti 1881 Essentiel is similar to a bottled Italian case. Literally sun-drenched, it opens with the radiant glow of citrus fruits. It combines citrus, mandarin, grapefruit and bergamot. Then, all in contrasts, it awakens in contact with pink pepper. Basil and mugwort give it a more aromatic and typically Mediterranean breath. Finally, it ends with more sophistication and masculinity, allowing itself to be crossed by a woody trail of cedar, vetiver and oakmoss. The result is the image of an epicurean and refined man, embodied by the model Andres Velencoso, a true charmer with elegant sobriety and sharp modernity.

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